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Complete font families, for all media, in perpetuity, with one license, defined by one metric…
EveryOne's A Winner!

Introducing EOAW!, a new approach to font licensing where simplicity, value, and transparency benefit all parties.


We’ve experienced font licensing from all angles – working as solo designers, in design studios, negotiating with foundries on behalf of global clients and also as a font publisher. It’s a complicated business but by identifying common ground we plan to make the process as simple as possible for all parties. 

Fonts in a box

We’d like the experience to be as much as possible like buying a physical, off the shelf product; something that’s clearly labelled and priced, and yours to use as you like for as long as you like…
Everything in one box/package/file.
In order to do this we had to eliminate as many variables as possible, replacing a complex matrix of individual styles, licenses for different media, and scope of use with one license for all media and all styles, and with one metric to gauge value.
All Styles – All Media – One Metric – One License 

The Metric: Company size not number of users

For simplicity’s sake, we decided to use the size of the company licensing the fonts, judged by total number of employees (not the number of users and not the size of the design team), as a single universal metric to gauge the scale of a licensee’s enterprise. 
This idea of removing all other metrics and creating pricing tiers based on company size is already being used and gaining traction. Introduced by the GOATs ABC Dinamo, the concept is explained in a very straightforward way on their website: ‘the bigger the size and reach of a company, the bigger the commercial value extracted from a typeface’.
Read our full Font EULA for details. 

What if I only want to buy individual styles?

‘But wait’ you say – ‘all styles and all media sounds great but I’m not about to fork out for an Enterprise licence’. We said the exact same thing, and really want to work with our simplified Fonts in a Box idea. So our prices are based on a fair price, judged across the industry, for 1-2 styles with a desktop/web license. 
We understand that most customers only really need a few styles of a font. Generally, for projects big or small, designers follow the rule that for simplicity and consistency you shouldn’t use too many styles of a font (or too many different fonts). This is reflected in most corporate brand guidelines as they conventionally only specify two weights to differentiate between headlines and body copy, and maybe the equivalent italics.
We’d rather keep everything simple and give you the full flex of the font for you to play around with as you like, for the price of the one or two styles you’ll probably end up using. For designers, it’s better you have the whole family and test it out to see if it’s a fit for different clients, projects, contexts, wordmarks, layouts, hierarchy… play with it in its entirety, and we want you to be able to do that.
For clients we respect that it can be hard—especially for new companies—to predict exact usage across which media, and that brand guidelines evolve as new use cases are added. The fonts a core design team chose based on the current known scope use might not work for a web team when they come to actually build a website. They might for example, have preferred a light font for readable body copy on screen, rather than the regular the brand team specified and bought the license for. It’s important to make sure creative opportunities aren’t limited and the full flex of the fonts can be explored and deployed. 

So one EOAW! license gets you the whole family, for any media, for roughly the price of a desktop/web combo for 1 or 2 styles relative to the size of your company. 

What about a distribution license?

If you bought a license for your company based on the total number of people you employ and  need to share it with vendors for them to complete commissioned work on your behalf e.g. agencies doing your web, motion design etc. you can distribute to them as the end work is for you, the licensee. If those companies then use the font for a different project they need to buy their own license based on the total number of people they employ. 
Read our full Font EULA for details. 

What about students?

It’s customary for students to get a discount of course – and while a reduced price is more accessible than the full amount a company is expected to pay, it can still end up pretty expensive to a student—especially with rising tuition fees and general inflation—and that money could be better spent on Smart Price groceries…
So we offer a free student license for the newer fonts that we’re distributing directly here (the ones that have demos). Drop us an email from your university / college account and the course you are on and we’ll send you a ‘student’ font (it won’t be an automated response so allow a bit of time for us to get it to you). You don’t need to send a scan of your ID card that seems a bit creepy. You can use the fonts in your student products and projects in print or digital for as long as you can validate that you are actively studying and enrolled in a course. You may not claim personal authorship of the Fonts in any project credits. The Student Fonts must not be used for any commercial files, final or otherwise. If you keep using the fonts when you finish your studies please upgrade to the appropriate license. (And please read the Student Font EULA.)
If you use them for a project of even a union event poster let us know it’d be great to see your work!