Otherwhere Collective

Otherwhere® is a conceptual space with no ties to a specific location or place. It is neither a physical studio nor a fixed team, but a diverse community of creatives connected by coinciding consciousness and a common interest in working collaboratively.

It is an evolving multidisciplinary ideal where diverse backgrounds, expertise and experience overlap to uncover innovative and unexpected creative opportunities.


The term “otherwhere” suggests a place or state that is distinct from our current location; a parallel dimension beyond our ordinary perception and material reality; a space that transcends physical and geographical limitations.

We all have our own unique perspectives, shaped by our individual histories, cultures, and identities. In a way, we all inhabit our own personal “otherwhere,” a space that is distinct from yet connected to the reality that we share with others.


Whether connected subconsciously, by a shared vision, or by chance, individuals are empowered as a community, working together with a sense of synergy.

In this case a fluid collective of open-minded collaborators who challenge and inspire, are passionate about their craft, learning from others, and moving things forward with a playful spirit and nascent urge for exploration. As we continue to make new connections, and push the boundaries of possibility, the collective continues to expand and evolve.

Thinking independently together

Thinking independently together has two meanings. The first refers to an experience where two or more individuals feel a deep sense of connection or unity based on an alignment of their thoughts, independently of a physical awareness of the other; a coinciding consciousness.

In a practical sense, thinking independently together highlights the importance of collaboration and individuality in problem-solving and decision-making processes.

Thinking independently fosters critical thinking skills and the ability to form one’s own opinions and ideas; being able to step back from groupthink and consider different perspectives and solutions to a problem. Thinking together recognizes the value of collaboration and teamwork; being open to others’ ideas and perspectives, and working together to create the best possible solution.


We embrace all disciplines of visual communication and believe in a foundation of deep rigorous research from non-traditional sources combined with a breadth of individual experience, backgrounds and expertise.

This approach allows for a diversity of references and ideas; when we listen to the other, hear, are heard, learn, understand, empathize, share and challenge, we grow and nurture strong relationships built on trust and respect.

With this trust, combined with meticulous craft, historical knowledge, established theory, technology, technical expertise, logic and intuition we create space for solutions that are equally strategic, instinctual, and engaging; solutions that excite, inspire, provoke, and compel.  


Otherwhere was formed in New York City in 2018 and now has its physical base in Miami. If you would like to know more or want to work together, get in touch.


We’re inspired by visionary collaborators [be they clients or other creatives] who value design, go beyond expectations and make brave commitments to disrupt the status quo. Let’s color outside the lines. ♥

Research / Brand Audit / Brand Strategy / Brand Positioning / Brand Naming / Brand Identity / Brand Evolution / Brand Design / Logo Design / Print Design / Typeface Design / Typeface Modification / Packaging  / Motion Graphics  / Books and Editorial / Art Direction / Image Making